2020 International Conference on Clean Energy and Advanced Materials
Call For Papers
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Clean Energy
Alternative Energy Technologies and applications 2)Bioenergy, Biofuels and Biomass Conversion   3)Carbon Sequestration
4)Clean Coal and Fossil Fuels 
5)Clean Energy Systems and Technologies6)Clean Production Process    
7)Energy-Saving Technology8)Geothermal Energy9)Green Energy Systems
10)Green Power Production and Cogeneration11)Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies12)Hydrogen Energy and Hydropower
13)Low Carbon Technologies14)Materials and Nanotechnology for Energy Systems  15)Mini Hydro Power 
16)New Energy Applications17)Nuclear Energy Technologies and Applications  18)Nuclear Hydrogen Production 
19)Novel Energy Conversion Studies20)Ocean Energy 21)Photovoltaic Systems and Photocatalysis
22)Renewable Energy Resources23)Solar Cells Energy and Solar Thermal Energy 24)Solar Energy Engineering
25)Sustainable Energy Technologies 26)Thermodynamic and Energy Optimization27)Tidal Energy and Wave Energy
28)Turbines and Generators 29)Waste-to-energy

Advanced Materials
30)Material Science and Engineering 31)nanophase materials32)New energy materials
33)Material behaviour 34)Biological materials and biological devices 35)Optical, electronic and magnetic materials
36)Composite, hybrid and multifunctional materials 37)Metals and alloys 38)Green environmental materials 
39)Nano porous materials 40)Polymer Materials 41)Green catalytic chemistry 
42)Construction material43)PV materials